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Provide C2 of CIMIC Support to Operations

In every mission there will be a requirement for CIMIC assets, to enable the commander to plan, conduct and assess CIMIC activities in support of the mission. CIMIC contribution to alliance operations will be achieved through CIMIC staff operating at all levels of command, CIMIC units at operational and tactical level and CIMIC functional specialists. However CIMIC staff composition as well as CIMIC forces’ size and organization will be tailored to the mission35 and will have to be adaptable as the overall situation evolves. CIMIC assets must be fully integrated into the formations they will operate with. The commander should be granted operational control of the respective CIMIC units to make best use of them. A CIMIC taskforce can be formed by task organizing CIMIC units from allied nations under a centralized headquarters for the purpose of carrying out specific CIMIC tasks.

CIMIC Support