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Operational MILENG in Transition Process

DePlanning for the disengagement of alliance forces must be initiated well in advance and may involve a large number of non-alliance actors in order to minimize the negative effects that the departure of alliance troops may have on the overall stability of the theatre. The plan includes the coordination of the handover of responsibility (to the United Nations, other IOs such as EU or indigenous actors in the crisis area) and redeployment of alliance forces in a controlled manner. Each situation will be different; the NAC guidance and direction may necessitate commencing with a strategic assessment (including military considerations), proposal of military options, a transition CONOPS or a revised/new OPLAN. The planning processes specific to phases 2 to 4b may be repeated to develop appropriate products for the NAC (e.g. strategic assessment, military options, transition CONOPS and/or a transition OPLAN). MILENG is responsible for the closure of operational bases and other estate (e.g. ranges) and maintaining freedom of manoeuvre within the theatre.

Transition Military Engineering Support