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Provide Legal Advice to Strategic Commands
In addition to fulfilling the specific tasks of the staff Legal Advisers set out below, Legal Advisers attached to a strategic command headquarters have the responsibility of providing guidance and oversight to the Alliance Legal Advisers in subordinate organizations. Accordingly, it is expected that the strategic command Legal Adviser will oversee provision of legal services by Legal Advisers assigned to subordinate commands and, through the chain of command, will * Coordinate within the staff to ensure the appropriate utilization of Legal Advisers and legal assets. * Encourage attendance at continuing legal education/training which will enhance legal performance relevant to the mission of the subordinate organization to which a Legal Adviser is assigned. * Oversee availability and quality of Legal Adviser and other legal services within subordinate units. * Monitor legal services extended to individual members of units. * Provide or assist in the provision of legal services to commands without assigned Legal Advisers. * Consult frequently with command and other Legal Advisers and make recommendations for courses of action which will improve legal services within the Alliance.
Legal Support Processes