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Develop Crisis Response Options
The Government typically tasks the relevant political and military agencies to launch an assessment of the crisis and provide advice on the developing crisis situation, and its implications for national security. This is the so called Political-Military Estimate (PME) process. The Crisis Response Development Process is prescriptive in purpose. It aims at finalising the desired end state and further developing the strategic, political and military response strategy to deal with the crisis at hand. In this final phase of the PME process, a Strategic Commander may be tasked to develop military response options (MRO) and to provide for each MRO an estimation of the size and nature of required forces, along with other resource requirements. Taking this advice into account, the Chief of Defence will develop its strategic military advice enclosing the Strategic Commander’s MROs for consideration by the Government. In parallel, other political and non-military considerations developed by other agencies would be further eleborated and refined. Both the strategic military advice and other political and non-military advice would be combined into a consolidated civil/military advice serving as a draft initiating directive for consideration by the Government.
Strategic Direction Processes