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PR Execution Processes

The Personnel Recovery (PR) Command and Control (C2) Execution Processes describe the activities to execute PR. PR operations comprise five execution tasks Report, Locate, Support, Recover, Reintegrate. These tasks are completed either sequentially, in parallel or simultaneously. The responsible Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell (PRCC) will attempt to recover the isolated personnel utilising available (organic) PR capabilities, and notify the Joint Personnel Recovery Centre (JPRC). If the PRCC determines it is unable to accomplish the recovery with its own resources, the JPRC will coordinate with other PRCCs to gain an initial assessment on the capabilities within each component and feasibility of component courses of action. As soon as practical, the JPRC should establish and promulgate supporting and supported relationships, nominate a lead component PRCC to plan and execute the recovery and allocate additional resources as necessary.

Personnel Recovery Processes