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Joint Fire Support Assessment

As an essential part of the overall operation assessment, the JFC-level and component-level staff will assess joint fire support. The staffs should assess how effectively the joint fire support system supports forces in contact, supports the CONOPS and associated fire support plan, synchronizes joint fire support, and sustains joint fire support operations. Positive indicators include a continuous flow of targeting information up and down the chain of command; availability of capabilities that can create both lethal and nonlethal effects; access to the requested type of joint fire support; consistent use of the most effective joint fire support; patterns of avoiding unnecessary duplication; civilian casualties and collateral damage; efficient use of airspace; prompt joint fire support for troops in contact, along with rapid coordination methods; protecting the force; and flexible supported and supporting staffs. Negative indicators include insufficient creation of effects or achievement of objectives, patterns of friendly fire incidents, or unanticipated or unacceptable amounts of civilian casualties or collateral damage.

Joint Fire Support Processes