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Subsurface Mission Space Management Application

Subsurface mission space used by submarines, mine countermeasure units, divers or other activities below surface is required to be managed for safety reasons. Operational requirements cover the process and procedures needed to avoid mutual interference of Alliance sub-surface vehicles. The mission space is managed for war time and peace time with two functions Water Space Management (WSM)and Prevention of Mutual Interference (PMI. The purpose of the WSM is allocate water space in terms of ASW attack restrictions to permit the rapid engagement of enemy submarines while preventing inadvertent attack of friendly submarines. The purpose of the PMI is to avoid the risk of submerged interference between friendly submarines, between submarines and friendly ship-towed bodies or between submarines and any other underwater or surface objects. The PMI concept prevails in the conduct of daily operations during peacetime, including exercises. Subsurface Mission Space Management Application includes the ability to check interferences, handle water space requests, allocations and notifications.

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