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Air and Missile Defence Operations Processes

The Air and Missile Defence (AMD) Operations Processes incorporate all business processes specific for Air Defence and Missile Defence operations. Air Defence (AD) operations protect friendly forces, populations and vital interests from enemy air and missile attacks. Defensive Counter Air (DCA), synonymous with Air Defence, consists of all active and passive air defence operations to detect, identify, intercept and destroy or negate enemy air and missile forces attempting to attack or penetrate friendly battlespace, or to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of such attacks should they escape destruction. For both NATINAMDS and combat operations, an Air Defence Commander (ADC) is designated with authority to plan, coordinate and integrate DCA operations. Responsibilities of the ADC include a) Develop, integrate and distribute a joint Air Defence Plan (ADP); b) Develop and execute a detailed plan to disseminate timely air and missile warning and cueing information to components, forces, allies, coalition partners and civil authoritites, as appropriate; c) Implement approved identification and Rules of Engagement (ROE); d) Ensure timely and accurate track reporting among participating units to provice a consistent comon operational picture; e) Establish sectors or regions, as appropriate, to enhance decentralised execution of DCA operations.

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