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Support to the Forces Application

The Support to the Forces Application enables users to provide information on the civil situation and an assessed civil situation picture; to evaluate the civil situation and identify civil key indicators and sensitive factors shaving a critical impact on the conduct of operations as well as the impact of the military situation influencing the civil environment; to recommend military activities to mitigate the critical impact; to conduct CIMIC activities including CIMIC projects. CIMIC projects are part of CIMIC activities and are the conduct of projects, whether of a quick impact or a long term impact nature, whenever the civil partners are unable to comply with needs of the civil environment; to promote force acceptance; to contribute to influencing the civil society in the mission area; and to facilitate access to civilian resources, when needed. Commanders, depend on the circumstances, will require significant support from within their JOA as well as coordination of effort to minimise disruption to military operation. For that reason CIMIC plays a proactive role by contributing to operational planning and participating in operations.

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