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Medical Intelligence Processes

The Medical Intelligence (MEDINTEL)Management Processes describe the collaboration and sharing of medical intelligence products within NATO. ‘Request RFI with Medical Interest ‘ According to [NATO AJMedP-3, 2008] the Medical RFIs are requests for additional medical information to access and evaluate a specific issue. Medical RFIs are submitted by the Intelligence Branch to a higher headquarters on the basis of a medical intelligence staff or experts analysis. In the MEDINTEL capability, RFIs with medical interest are submitted by users with the RFI submitter role. They are received by users with RFI manager roles and these users shall be responsible for validating RFIs, assigning units for actions and ultimately delivering a finalised medical intelligence product. ‘Manage Tasks ‘ The purpose of managing tasks is to coordinate the work involved in producing medical intelligence products. Collecting medical information should be seen as a dynamic process, with agencies or sources being tasked to provide relevant input. The collection may be used for the primary medical assessments as well as for a follow-up intelligence course of action during the operation. A user with MEDINTEL Information Manager role shall create tasks related to the RFI with medical interest. These tasks are overseen by a user with Task Coordinator role; this role shall manage the execution of the task and shall submit the finalised MEDINTEL product to the information manager. ‘Create MEDINTEL Products ‘ The production of medical intelligence is a joint effort between the medical intelligence and intelligence communities working in a close relationship to ensure Medical Intelligence specifics are included in overall intelligence requirements and production plans [NATO AJMedP-3, 2008]. The medical community will provide medical expertise and specialist analysis and advice, and the intelligence community will lead on the formulation of overall intelligence requirements and production plans, based upon commander’s intent and support to operations, as required. The MEDINTEL capability shall support the members of both INTEL and MEDINTEL communities in creating products in a collaborative manner. This means that different medical intelligence experts shall work on different parts, sections or chapters of the same medical intelligence product, in line with their assigned roles and responsibilities. ‘Collect Medical Related Information ‘ Medical related information (such as alerts and observations) may be obtained through a variety of open and public sources and all personnel may have the opportunity to identify and gather medical information. Direct observation of facilities during visits represents important medical information that can be of value to MEDINTEL analysts. The MEINTEL capability shall allow users with relevant roles and permissions to submit information obtained in the way described here, in a format compatible to [NATO STANAG 2481, 2001]. The end goal is to integrate such information into the intelligence threat assessment for the commander in support of operations.

Medical Support Processes