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Operational Readiness Evaluation Processes
The processes for Operational Readiness Evaluation (OPEVAL) describe the activities for a critical examination and certification of the readiness and operational capabilities of a force package, unit, headquarters or any portion thereof. Operational Readiness Evaluation is a multi-level, iterative process units are individually certified before they are combined into and evaluated as an interoperable force package. The process is performed by an independent organization and validates that the entity under evaluation meets the required standards and criteria in areas such as Availability, Flexibility, Employability and Deployability, Readiness, Connectivity, Sustainability, Survivability, Medical Force Protection, and Interoperability. The process also identifies under what conditions the entity under evaluation is capable of accomplishing its objectives, and the factors limiting the entity under evaluation’s level of performance. The Operational Readiness Evaluation process is divided into the following sub-processes
Evaluation Processes