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Picture Management Processes

Picture Management Processes cover the aggregation and quality control of the various information products as well as the dissemination and de-confliction (as needed) of the COPs. The situational awareness needs of commanders and staffs will vary at each level and within and between HQ, although many of the systems and displays will be common. Interpreting and using data is a key consideration. In broad terms, the common operational picture (COP) comprises different geo-referenced layers and other information products such as dashboards or synchronization matrices. COP data may contain status, capabilities and possible intentions of own and adversary (as well as of other groupings of interest) posture and sustainability, important locations, critical infrastructure and actions within the JOA . Information on the physical environment (geography, meteorology, oceanography and hydrography) will also be important for planning purposes. The degree and type of picture management varies based on the type of input (manual or technical) and its activities and responsibilities must be documented in an OPTASK for the respective force. Picture Management Processes ensures that each level of command has an appropriate picture and provides coherent contributions to the COP.