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ASC Coordinate Airspace Control Plan Process

The ASC Coordinate Airspace Control Plan Process describes the coordination of the ACP for JFC approval. Preconditions 1. The Airspace Control Authority (ACA) has been designated. 2.The Joint Airspace Control Cell (JACC) has been established to coordinate and manage the use of airspace. 3. The initial draft of the ACP is prepared for the ACA. 4. Airspace data and operational plans are available in machine readable formats to include Airspace Control Means (ACM) libraries including Fire Support Coordination Measures (FSCM), control and coordinating measures reported in the Control/Coordination Line Report, Civil Airspace, Operational Plan (OPLAN), Air Defence Plan (ADP), Enemy Courses of Action (COA), Rules of Engagement (ROE), IFF/SIF instructions, Orders of Battle (ORBAT) for Air, Land and Maritime, 5. Automated tools such as chat, word processing and specific automated Airspace Control applications are available to permit coordination of airspace and prepare components of the ACP. Basic Flow of Events 1. The ACA reviews the initial draft and coordinates the draft with the ADC, service components and Host Nation liaisons for any required updates. 2. The ACA/JACC compiles the final draft of the ACP. 3. The ACP is forwarded to COM JFAC for review. 4. Upon COM JFAC approval, the ACP is forwarded to the JFC for review. The JFC will address any concerns with the COM JFAC and the ACA. 5. The JFC approves the ACP. 6. The ACP is distributed to the designated address list. Post Conditions 1. The ACP is approved and disseminated.

ASC Airspace Control Processes