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Battle Damage Assessment Application

The Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) Application enables users to receive, handle, and analyse battle damage assessment data in order to timely and accurately assess the effect of the application of lethal or non-lethal force against predetermined objectives. The assessment consists of physical damage assessment, functional damage assessment and target system assessment, including Phase 1, 2, and 3 assessments. The application allows also linking the BDA report to the associated intelligence products used to support the assessment. BDA will * Contribute to the assessment of the appropriateness, the accuracy and the effectiveness of the weapon system used in lethal or non-lethal attack (see Munition Effectiveness Assessment - Air C2 UA) * Determine the extent of any collateral damage * Identify whether the results have met the targeting objectives * Determine whether there is a requirement for further attacks on the target * Provide a major input to the assessment of the overall effectiveness of the targeting campaign. * <Need to consider Assessment of Information Operations combined effects. This could be Cyber, PSYOP, EW, related>

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