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Special Operations Planning Orientation Process

The Special Operations Planning Orientation Process supports the determination of the operational problem that must be solved, the specific conditions the Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) must create, the key operational factors that influence the achievement of those conditions, and any limitations on the SOCC’s freedom of action as the SOCCPG develops the overall operational design. This process starts with the receipt of the JFC’s operational planning directive. This process includes a review of the planning guidance, a detailed mission analysis, the development of the commander’s operational design, and the formulation of the commander’s initial intent. Mission analysis includes a thorough examination of the higher commander’s mission, intent, and desired end state as well as all assigned and implied tasks, in order to precisely state the mission and desired end state. This is complemented by a COG and factors analysis, the development of decisive points/conditions, and the creation of the operational design. The SOCCPG presents their mission analysis to the commander to assist him in formulating his planning guidance. The process concludes with the commander issuing guidance to the SOCCPG for the development of Courses of Action (COAs) and issuing the SOCC planning directive (SOCCPD) to subordinate commanders to initiate planning.

Special Operations Planning Processes