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Target Lists Application

The Target Lists Application enables users to create, update, prioritise, validate and approve the target lists, including Joint Target List (JTL); Prioritized Target List (PTL); Joint Prioritized Target List (JPTL); Target Nomination List (TNL); Restricted/No-Strike List (R/NSL). The JFC will normally task the joint targeting coordination board (JTCB) to produce a joint target list (JTL) derived from the campaign targets database that has been initially derived from the integrated database (IDB). The JTL has to be reviewed against strategic targeting guidance and national limitations and caveats. All further joint targeting activities are based upon the JTL, which is updated, as new information becomes available. Subordinate commanders will keep the JTL under constant review, and forward their own nominations and/or restrictions of targets to the JFC staff through the JTCB via the target nomination process/lists (TNL) and proposal of restricted targets list (RTL).

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