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NATO Records Policy

The NATO Records Policy (NRP) establishes a framework to ensure that NATO records are handled effectively, efficiently and securely in order to serve the interests of NATO. The Policy will be supported by implementing directives on the management of records within NATO, including a directive on managing records related to NATO operations and a directive on the handling of records when a NATO body, programme or project is closed or terminated. For the purposes of this Policy, a NATO record is defined as information created, received, and/or maintained as evidence and information by NATO, in pursuance of legal obligations, NATO missions or in the transaction of business. In short, NATO records officially document the actions and decisions of the Organization. A NATO record is therefore NATO information and as such is managed in accordance with the NATO Information Management Policy (NIMP) and related policies. However, the unique nature of records as documentation of NATO decisions and actions necessitates adoption of an additional records-specific policy to complement the NIMP and related policies. The NATO Records Policy (NRP) provides the basic principles and requirements for the management of NATO records.

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