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Medical Planning Applications

The Medical Planning Applications enable users to perform activities related to medical planning which is defined as ‘the process of designing, requiring and acquiring medical support capabilities in balance with the mission, force structure and risk exposure, and in accordance with the politico-military requirements ‘. The medical planning is elaborated before the launch of an operation or when an operation must be reconfigured in its entirety. Knowing the forces to be deployed for a specific operation, the medical planners must estimate the casualty rate based on statistics. Using the description of the different medical capabilities of each national military forces, the medical planners define the medical requirements (e.g. number and type of medical units, medical equipment and bed capacities as well as their location on the field) required for the global operation. The planners also perform simulation to test the ‘what if ‘ scenarios to assess the potential impact of different medical support options and to identify shortfalls/bottlenecks in a given medical chain. The Medical Planning Applications also enable users to certify the medical capabilities and to do the medical evaluation of multinational medical modules and units, when formed to support NATO operations Design. Therefore an interface to or incorporation of the existing medical certification tool (MEM CDI) is required. This tool ensures that after the planning phase a multinational medical chain or treatment facility (possibly including contracted medical support) meets the required medical standards. To cover all these requirements the Medical Planning Application is divided in 5 areas, i.e. Casualty Rate Estimation (including the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear casualties), Medical Capabilities Directory, Medical Support Simulation, Medical Support Planning and a Medical Evaluation Manual

Medical Applications