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Contractor Logistics Support Application

The Contractor Logistics Support Application enables users to deliver an effective and efficient contracting capability for NATO operations. It enables to process and manage purchase order transactions from the generation of requisitions to the production of requests for quotation and contractual documents, and receipts of goods and services. This includes in particular the support to the following business processes, including the workflows to Approve, Reject or Cancel requisitions and purchase documents, the assignment of activities to Purchasing and Contract staff (buyers, contracting officers, contracting authorities) and the production of reports on the status of purchase documents * Manage Requisitions * Manage Purchase Orders * Manage Indefinite - Ordering Delegated Purchase Documents (Blanket Purchase Agreement) * Manage Indefinite - Ordering Not Delegated Purchase Documents (Contract Purchase Agreement) * Manage Credit Cards and Expense Reports * Manage Suppliers and Catalogues, and maintain the supplier portal * Manage Receipts Purchasing transactions in the Purchasing and Contract Processes Application are synchronized with the accounting business processes (General Ledger) in the Financial Management Application and with other modules of the Logistic Systems (Supply, Maintenance, Asset Management). This business process is streamlined via web enabled procurement (in particular electronic requests for quotation, electronic purchase orders, electronic auctions on warehouses and electronic reverse auctions on suppliers). This business process is supported by Business Intelligence tools; key performance indicators are maintained to support the analysis of operations.

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