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MILENG Support to Strategic CONOPS Development Process

During Phase 4a, following release of the Strategic Planning Directive (SPD) to COM JHQ (or equivalent), the drafting of the strategic CONOPS begins, incorporating the detail and guidance contained in the SPD as a start point. While the work on the strategic CONOPS remains the responsibility of the RDG, it will be supported by the directorates, divisions and Special Staff as required. As part of CONOPS development the MILENG Planner will start constructing the Engineer Force Structures against possible MILENG tasks. This work is captured in the Illustrative Combined Joint Statement of Requirements (CJSOR). The Strategic MILENG Planner will support the refinement of the Recognized Engineer Picture (REP) in support of the development of the CONOPS. At the strategic level the prime considerations are critical infrastructure and Force Generation to facilitate the main MILENG functions; C2, Manoeuvre and Fires, Intelligence, Force Protection, Sustainability CIMIC and Information Operations. During this phase the weight of effort switches from the strategic level to the operational level. The development of the strategic CONOPS relies heavily on the work of the operational level, especially the development of operational requirements to support the Operational Commander’s concept for the operation, including the deployment, employment, and sustainment of forces. In addition to regular collaborative activity between the RDG and the JOPG, this input is normally provided through submission of a draft operational CONOPS.

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