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Medical Support Planning Application

The Medical Support Planning Application provides users with a suitable planning environment which supports the processes and procedures necessary for the medical staff in order to contribute collaboratively, efficiently and effectively to OPP for NATO-led missions. MSPC will support the medical staff in preparing the medical contribution to the OPP by providing tools to planners to efficiently drive their understanding about the engagement space and to efficiently make their conclusions based on facts; providing tools and a workspace for an easier understanding of the elements of the general plan (end states, objectives, etc.) and to efficiently develop the elements of the medical support plan; providing a workspace and tools for the more efficient and time-effective development, comparison, evaluation and analysis of the medical support options developed for courses of actions; providing a workspace and tools for a more efficient and effective communication of the medical support plan and the medical related risks to the Commander and other stakeholders of the planning process; providing mapping tools for a better visualization and analyses of the plan and options; providing automatic documentation tools for briefing and reporting purposes; enabling automatic information exchange with the related systems, e.g., MEDINTEL, Casualty Rate Estimation; contributing to situational awareness by being integrated with Common Operational Picture (COP) systems. Note Modifications to or ommissions of Information products (IPs) from the original UOR follow the outcome of an IP adjudication workshop in Nov 2014. Generally the term ‘Medical contribution to…’ has been omitted and the core IP referred to instead.

Medical Planning Applications