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Medical Contribution to the Operational Estimate and COA Development Process

The purpose of Phase 3b - Operational Estimate - COA Development is to develop COAs from which one will be selected. ‘Preconditions ‘ OPG is developed. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Following activities can be done from a medical perspective *Contribute to the Development of Own COAs (COPD Chapter 4.35). **Analyse opposing COAs and factors influencing COA Development **Analyse own COAs **Contribute to the conduct Troops-to-Actions analysis determine the most effective/efficient theatre level support capabilities to support the operational force and the supplemental support capabilities required by component. **Appreciate the force availability for each COA to appreciate whether the required force/capabilities are likely to be available and ready given the warning time for the operation. *Analyse COAs (COPD Chapter 4.37) For each COA consider doing Casualty Rate Estimation (CRE), medical risk analysis and viability analysis. Contribute to COA Synchronisation Matrix (e.g., Service and Support) *Contribute to plan and conduct COA decision briefing (COPD Chapter 4.38) *Contribute to refine selected COA (COPD Chapter 4.39) *Contribute to the Operational Planning Directive (OPD) ‘Post-conditions ‘ *The Commander has selected a viable COA as the basis for the development of an operational CONOPS for efficient and effective mission accomplishment, derived from an accurate analysis, within the time available, of the operational conditions to be established. *The Commander’s vision and intent for the conduct of the operation, to guide further planning by staff and subordinate commanders, has been clearly communicated. An OPD is released to the component level. *Subordinate commanders contributed to the conduct of the operational estimate and are well positioned to conduct component planning activities in support.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes