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Prepare the Force

As part of the overall C-IED approach, prepare the force (PtF) is a joint task and comprises all measures required to prepare friendly forces for the mission. The aim is to enable friendly forces to accomplish their mission under a permanent IED threat. It is about preparing the wider force for operations and the C-IED approach and not just about preparing C-IED enablers or a C-IED task force. This chapter will focus on the broader aspects of C-IED rather than the detailed and specific requirements of specialists. For ongoing operations the continuous process of manning, equipping, training and educating is required. These activities are synchronized to deliver capability and checked against lines of development (LOD) which are the functional areas used to ensure that capability development is coherent and coordinated across the force. In many cases, PtF will require considerations beyond the force to include the host nation (HN), other governmental agencies, non-governmental departments, private security companies, as well as national non-deployed elements. Integrating the knowledge gained from the lessons learned process and operational analysis is an important aspect to build and consolidate force preparedness

Counter IED Processes