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Analyse Experiment
The analysis or assessment team for an experiment should ideally be derived at least partly from the experiment design team, and they should work closely with the team responsible for the concept under experiment and the team responsible for providing the experiment’s technical environment. Initially, they should review the concept and approach planned to conduct the experiment and prepare an analysis plan to meet the needs of the experiment design. During the course of an experiment, analysts compare observations and results and begin to integrate their views of what is being learned from the experiment. As sufficient data is collected, analysts begin to form preliminary insights. However, the temptation to announce some startling finding (especially one that it is believed the experiment sponsor will like) should be resisted at all costs, because it is quite likely that when the analysis is complete, that finding will at best need to be modified, and at worst, changed altogether. Thus, first impressions should generally be conservative; this is an important control consideration. (see also [[Analytical Support Processes Analytical Support]] in the [[Enable]] process area)