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Recognized Maritime Picture Application

NATO RMP is a managed geographic presentation of, processed all source contact and information data known at a given time, of surface, sub-surface, amphibious and maritime air activities in the maritime operating environment. The NATO RMP is compiled in accordance with operational directives and tasking to support decision makers in the conduct of C2 of maritime forces and operations. The NATO RMP is an operational picture, not a tactical plot. It is not intended to be used to directly support weapon systems, target acquisition or engagements. RMP includes positional and operational data on friendly, neutral and adversary units and forces based on information provided from a variety of sources. Therefore, the Recognized Maritime Picture Application builds the RMP using the Military and White Pictures as components of the RMP. Once the RMP is built, it can be shared by other Functional Services and Nations. The Recognized Maritime Picture Application provides the user with capabilities to manage the RMP.

Maritime Picture Management Applications