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CIS Capabilities
The C3 Taxonomy layer for the “Communication and Information System (CIS) Capabilities” represents the logical components of the capabilities required to meet NATO’s information system and communication needs in support of Missions and Operations. Communication Systems are systems or facilities for transferring data between persons and equipment. They usually consists of a collection of communication networks, transmission systems, relay stations, tributary stations and terminal equipment capable of interconnection and inter-operation so as to form an integrated whole. These individual components must serve a common purpose, be technically compatible, employ common procedures, respond to some form of control and generally operate in unison. Information Systems are integrated sets of components for collecting, storing, and processing data for delivering information, and digital products. Organizations and individuals rely on information systems to manage their operations, supply services, and augment personal lives.
C3 Taxonomy


BSP Mandatory Standards

The following mandatory standards are recommended for this taxonomy node: