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Define Medical Responsibilities
Whilst shared with nations, the duty of care for all personnel within a command rests with the Operational Commander. This encompasses the full spectrum of health and medical issues (including clear and tailored mechanisms of activation and use of national MedEvac assets, Medical Treatment Facilities and the medical lessons learned process, which is a valuable tool in defining, distribution and implementation of promising (best) medical practice). Consequently, commanders need to be advised by medical staff in order to ensure that their decisions and the actions of their subordinates which may affect the health of personnel are properly informed. The medical staff needs to be present within the operational headquarters, in order to be fully aware of the operational situation and able to respond in a timely manner to ensure optimal health and treatment outcome. Direct access of the Medical Advisor to the Commander is essential to ensure timely intervention in all health and medical support matters that require the Commander`s attention, decision or action.
Health Services Processes