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Maritime Logbook Application

The Maritime Logbook Application provides a ‘Logbook ‘ to record important events having operational meaning (like a ship log). A configurable set of user and system actions will be recorded automatically in the Logbook. The authorised user can also add entries into the Logbook in free text. Logbook Action List has the following Operational Part - Sending Formatted Messages - Dissemination of Maritime Information Technical Part - Maritime Operation creation - System mode changes, start-up, shut-down - Addition or removal of data sources (e.g. a new AIS Data Source is added) - Information exchange start, stop (e.g. a Nation Interface with Nation A has started at 11 00 to send RMP.) Each record in the Logbook has a metadata which includes the event, current user, description and timestamp. The authorised user can configure the Logbook Action List. The Logbook cannot be modified by any users, but can be viewed by the authorised user. Logging starts when a Maritime Operation is created, and continues until the Operation is deleted; it is then archived.

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