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Evaluation Campaign and Medical Evaluation Team Initiation Process

; Initiate Evaluation Campaign & MET ‘UOR for a MEDICS Medical Evaluation Manual Capability, v1.0 (FINAL) ‘ *Creation of an Evaluation Campaign (for a MSS or MMU) with its basic properties, such as name, start, and end time, list of TCNs, LN, and the users assigned as the Lead Evaluator, MET members, and MET observers. The whole MSS for an operation can consist of sub-MSSs, such as such as for a region, or sector, etc. The definition of MSS in MEDICS/MEM should utilise the lowest level MSS defined in an operation with its LN and TCNs. *Definition of the MSS/MMU by breaking its down to units (applicable in case of MMS), capabilities and modules. Annex AH of the MEM provides a predefined list of capability types and their breakdown into a predefined list of modules. However, [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014] is reviewed regularly and subject to change. Furthermore, the breaking down of the MSS/MMU into capabilities/modules may vary for each operation since it is both operation and nation dependant. As a consequence, for a MMS and MMU, the MEDICS/MEM shall allow the user to select the predefined list of modules/capabilities as defined in the NATO MEM and allow the user to define the optional modules/capabilities. The system shall also allow the administrative users to change/update the predefined list of modules/capabilities. *Initiation of MET includes the following activities identification of skills for MET, searching for qualified users in the DB (with their level of expertise/skills), nominating the qualified users to take role in MET (e.g., sending applicable users information about the evaluation timelines, required skills), the users reporting about their availability. *Definition of a workflow consisting of MEDICS/MEM evaluation phases each of which having its timelines, and the MET members assigned to actions/tasks for each phase. Inform each unit/module that they will be evaluated given the evaluation campaign timelines. ‘Activities ‘ [Evaluation Campaign Manager/LE] *Create an Evaluation campaign for a MSS or MMU; *Define the MSS/MMU by breaking down into its units (applicable for the case of MSS), capabilities and modules by using predefined structures or defining customized capabilities/modules. The units, capabilities and modules need to be identified with their leading and contributing nations. *Build MET **Identify the required skills/expertise for MET members **Define timelines for the Evaluation Campaign **Identify the users involved and assign them to the different MET roles including LE, MET Members, and MET Observers. This process includes nomination of existing users to take role in MET by searching for qualified users in the system and inquiring about their availability. *Define the evaluation workflow for each unit of MSS identified with phase, phases (described in this Section), timelines, and activities/tasks assigned to users (this step includes the step where the units and modules are informed that they will be evaluated given the evaluation campaign timelines).

Medical Evaluation Management Processes