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Land Targeting - Detect Process

During Detect Process the intelligence staff supervises and co-ordinate the efforts of assets to execute the intelligence collection plan. Appropriate systems are tasked to acquire information and report their findings back to their controlling HQ that, in turn, reports the information to the tasking agency. Some systems produce actual targets, while others must have their information processed to produce targets. The targeting priorities developed during the Decide function are used to expedite the processing of target information. The information collected and processed is used to update and amend the HPTL and AGM as necessary. The practical application of this function is the execution of the intelligence collection plan. Targeting staff should be active in this process in order to maintain the dynamic nature of the targeting cycle. It is essential that all available, allocated systems (and, where appropriate, those with superior, subordinate and flanking units and formations and joint systems) be used efficiently and effectively. Clear and concise information requirements must be given to the systems chosen to detect given targets. Duplication of effort should be avoided unless it is required to confirm target information. At the same time, there should be no gaps in the intelligence collection effort. In particular, HPT’s must be detected in a timely, accurate manner.

Land Targeting Processes