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Joint Target Development Process

The Joint Targeting Development Process involves the analysis of the adversary to determine the best targets to engage in order to achieve the JFC’s objectives. Intelligence Preparation of the Battle Space (IPB) will normally build basic information on adversary facilities, organizations, individuals, and equipment. Multiple target analysis methods, such as Target System Analysis (TSA) and Critical Node Analysis, are normally employed to identify the adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, and Centres of Gravity (COG). The analysis performed in target development must be conceived of as proceeding through successively greater levels of detail, flowing from the macro (broad scope) level to the micro (narrowly focused) level. Critical to the success of the entire targeting process is the establishment of intelligence requirements at all levels, which in turn drives the production of collection plans. The ultimate goal of this expansive research is to support COG analysis and determine exploitable vulnerabilities of the adversary. Targeteers will then select specific targets and target elements that can efficiently be engaged to affect the COG.

Joint Targeting Processes