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NATO Directive on Personnel Security

The Personnel Security directive is published by the Security Committee (AC/35) in support of Enclosure “C ‘ to NATO Security Policy (C-M(2002)49). This directive contains mandatory provisions and also includes information that clarifies the meaning of those provisions. The directive addresses the following aspects * personnel security clearances ** responsibilities; ** the requirements for identifying positions requiring an appropriate personnel security clearance (PSC); ** the criteria for assessing eligibility for a PSC; ** the investigative requirements for NATO CONFIDENTIAL, NATO SECRET and COSMIC TOP SECRET security clearances; ** the requirements for the provision of PSCs to employees of NATO civil and military bodies; ** the requirements for the revalidation of PSCs; ** the procedures for addressing adverse information about an individual holding a PSC; and ** the requirements for maintaining records of PSCs granted to individuals; * security awareness and briefing of individuals; * authorising access to NATO classified information - provisional appointments, one-time access, emergency access, and attendance at conferences and meetings; * personnel security clearances for couriers, guards and escorts; and * access by non-NATO nationals.

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