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Resource Management Domain Applications

The Resource Management Domain Applications enable users to maintain knowledge of resources (application, computing and network infrastructures) and are responsible for managing all these resources (e.g. networks, IT systems, servers, routers, etc.) utilized to deliver and support services required by or proposed to customers. It also includes all functionalities responsible for the direct management of all such resources (network elements, computers, servers, etc.) utilized within the enterprise. These processes are responsible for ensuring that the network and information technologies infrastructure supports the end-to-end delivery of the required services. The purpose of these processes is to ensure that infrastructure runs smoothly, is accessible to services and employees, is maintained and is responsive to the needs, whether directly or indirectly, of services, customers and employees. RM&O also has the basic function to assemble information about the resources (e.g. from network elements and/or element management systems), and then integrate, correlate, and in many cases, summarize that data to pass on the relevant information to Service Management systems, or to take action in the appropriate resource.

SMC Applications