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CBRN Environment and Scenario Characterisation Process

The methodology in [NATO AMedP-8(C), 2011] starts with the specification of the CBRN environment and scenario. The specification of the CBRN environment includes the estimation of the agent/or effect present in the environment with which individuals are interacting following an attack. Other elements of the CBRN environment include the estimation of the hazard area, the specification of the environment in general, and information about the attack, such as attack time. The estimate of the CBRN environment is assumed to be provided by some source outside of this methodology. A basic element of the scenario specification is the identification of icons within the CBRN environment (e.g. the group of one or more individuals defined by a common location over time). The CBRN CRE capability shall allow the user to identify the icons and their locations as a function over time. The specification of the icons may also include more details which can affect the casualty rates in the given CBRN environment, such as for each or fraction of each icon the breathing rate, vehicle or shelter type occupied, and the type of physical protection available. The list of applicable specifications depends on the type of agent or effect under consideration.

CBRN Casualty Rate Estimation Processes