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Land Execution Assessment and OPLAN Review Processes

The Land Execution, Assessment and Operational Plan (OPLAN) Review Processes are Phase 5 of the Land C2 Processes at the level of the Land Component Command (LCC). The purpose of Land Execution, Assessment and OPLAN Review is the execution of the developed and approved land operational plan. Execution requires the command and control of land military forces and interaction with other non-military means to conduct integrated, coordinated or synchronized land actions that create desired effects. To accomplish this, the land operational plan has to not only sit within the joint operational plan and strategic plan but also within the comprehensive political approach adopted by the Alliance and any other contributors. The operational level will have defined the parameters and levels of liaison and interdependent planning for its subordinates and it is within these guidelines that the land operational level must interact with civilian and multinational agencies and structures. Even at the beginning of execution, planners will need to consider the impact of emerging information on the Land OPLAN and any adaptations or changes that have to be made.

Land Operations Planning Processes