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CIMIC Processes
The processes for Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) describe a set of capabilities integral to supporting the achievement of mission objectives and enabling alliance commands to participate effectively in a broad spectrum of civil-military interaction with diverse non-military actors. The aim of CIMIC is to support the mission objectives by establishing and maintaining cooperation with non-military actors within the area of operations. Ideally all actors will work to a common goal, but where this is not possible interaction will ensure that activities to support each plan are harmonized as far as possible, to avoid negative impacts on own operations as well as on non-military operations and the civil environment. This will minimize interference or unintended conflict between different actors. CIMIC is applicable to all types of alliance operations. Commanders are required to assess and analyze the civil environment and apply the cross-cutting topics perspectives in all scenarios when planning and conducting military operations. These considerations include the appreciation of large numbers of non-military actors present in the area of operations. The application and profile of CIMIC depends on the type of operation, the civil environment, and the relationship with non-military actors.
Function-specific Operations