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Acquire Data
The “Aquire Data” Process focuses on obtaining the data needed to support the problem. Given the nature of data, the details of this activity depend heavily on who you are and what you do. Following are some recommendations to ensure maximum return on your investment. * Look inside first – What data do you have current access to that you are not using? This is in large part the data being left behind by the filtering process, and may be incredibly valuable. * Adopt an ABC (Adopt/Buy/Create) policy – Use existing data (internal, open and free or purchased) before data is created from scratch. * Remove the format constraints – Stop limiting your data acquisition mindset to the realm of structured databases. Instead, think about unstructured and semi-structured data as viable sources. * Figure out what’s missing – Ask yourself what data would make a big difference to your processes if you had access to it. Then go find it! * Embrace diversity – Try to engage and connect to publicly available sources of data that may have relevance to your domain area. * Eliminating data silos – Make data an enterprise commodity.
Analytical Support Processes