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Metadata Repository Services
The Metadata Repository Services provide the functionality for storing, querying, and retrieving authoritative metadata within the enterprise. Metadata Repository Services provide administrative as well as programmatic interfaces for metadata registries and repositories. The registries and repositories can be federated across the enterprise, thus Metadata Repository Services support federation for storing, querying and retrieving metadata (i.e. for single central registries/repositories as well as multiple registries/repositories throughout the network). Metadata Repository Services will store a wide range of standards and specifications that describe the structure, format and definitions of data, as well as the relationships among data elements. These standards and specifications are stored in machine readable formats that can be interpreted automatically within the service-oriented environment (e.g. XML schemas, ontologies). It gives developers and architects visibility into methods to compose and encode data and to share usage across the organization. Registration of such metadata is especially critical to achieve the data goals of interoperability and coherence by promoting semantic and structural understanding. The Metadata Repository Services will also have the capability to maintain references to aforementioned standards and specifications, i.e. for artifacts that are managed by other registries/repositories in a federation. Metadata Repository Services provide controlled access to artifacts, the lifecycle management of the artifacts and support for proper versioning and configuration management of artifacts. Each object maintained by a Metadata Repository Service has to be uniquely identifiable and will be organized into fully searchable taxonomy. In addition and supported by Information Assurance (IA) services, Metadata Repository Services will ensure the data integrity of the artifacts stored in the repository.
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