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Accounts Payable Application

The Accounts Payable Application enables users to support the entry, approval and payment of invoices received from suppliers (this includes electronic invoices and online banking for automatic payment process). All invoices should be received at the local Finance and Accounting Office by the AP Invoice Clerk and approved by his/her supervisor (being the FAO Assistant). Payment batches are initiated by the FAO Assistant or AP Invoice Clerk, up to the built of the payment batch. For the Central Treasury, the Disbursing Officer formats and confirms the payment batches. In subordinate commands, formatting and confirming payment batches is the responsibility of the Finance and Accounting Officer. For Central Treasury, manual payments can be performed by the Finance and Accounting Officer and the AP invoice Clerk. In the subordinate commands, only the Finance and Accounting officer is allowed to execute manual payments. These are the main actors of this use case. This process allows an organization or command to satisfy financial obligations entered into with suppliers for the procurement of goods and services.

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