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Maritime Situational Awareness Applications

Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) capability allows the users to consult, manage and process maritime information (that is primarily oriented on shipping) from both commercial and military sources. NATO MSA is an enabling capability which seeks to deliver the required information in the maritime environment to achieve a common understanding of the maritime situation to increase effectiveness in the planning and conduct of operations. MSA covers both the military and non-military realms and involves interoperability and/or collaboration with a wide variety of non-traditional data sources, organizations and actors. While the profile described here is unclassified, the comprehensive MSA also includes other architectural elements such as classified intelligence and locations of warships to provide the full Recognised Maritime Picture. The Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) Applications enable users to manage Maritime Operational Objects (Tracks, Vessels and Reference Objects) as well as managing Maritime Pictures. These functions enable users to access, collate, and merge validated data to build the global Maritime Operational Picture which will then be used to build the Recognised Maritime Picture.

Maritime Applications