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MILENG Support to Operational OPLAN Development Process

At the Operational level the emerging Strategic OPLAN is developed into an Operational OPLAN to be approved at the Strategic level. When the decision on a COA is made JFENGR staff will start to develop the MILENG support Annex EE, applicable appendices and the MILENG support paragraph to the main body of the OPLAN, including the priorities for tasks, and assist operations planners in the development of the OPLAN. The infrastructure development plan will be finalized together with the MILENG-related CJSOR. MILENG support contracts will be ready for execution once the OPLAN is approved by the NAC. Experience shows that there are rarely enough military engineers available to execute all engineer tasks. This is particularly true at the theatre level. This shortage may be partially overcome by the use of civilian construction and service contractors. Such contracts may be prearranged as part of routine contingency planning where the execution of the contract is linked with the activation of the plan by the NAC. Coordination will occur between strategic and operational-level MILENG staff, the appropriate CCs and the HN. Quality management will be accounted for in task planning and manning levels.

Plan Military Engineering Support