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Prepare Operations
The “Prepare Operations” Process group consists of those processes and activities performed by military forces to improve their ability to execute an operation. These activities are designed to improve the formation or unit’s ability to conduct the operation and include, but are not limited to, plan refinement, back-briefs, rehearsals, coordination, reconnaissance and preliminary movement. Preparation of a formation or unit for a specific operation starts with receipt of a warning order and ends when execution begins. Sound, efficient battle procedure is key to making preparation fit the time available, in order to contribute to tempo. Higher headquarters may develop the best of plans; however, plans serve little purpose if subordinates do not receive them in time. Subordinates need enough time to fully comprehend the plan, rehearse key portions of the plan, and ensure Soldiers and equipment are positioned and ready to execute the operation. Preparation creates conditions that improve friendly forces’ opportunities for success. It requires commander, staff, unit, and soldier actions to ensure the force is trained, equipped, and ready to execute operations. Mission success depends as much on preparation as on planning. Preparation helps the force transition from planning to execution. Preparation normally begins during planning and continues into execution by uncommitted units. Like the other activities of the operations process, commanders drive preparation activities with a focus on leading and assessing.