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Medical Contribution to Strategic Assessment Process

The purpose of Phase 2 - Strategic Assessment is to develop and coordinate SSA of an emerging or potential crisis in support of the Political-Military Estimate. A strategic assessment may also be conducted for an on-going NATO operation as part of work leading to development of a revised OPLAN. ‘Preconditions ‘ Initiation of SACEUR’s Strategic Assessment Basic Flow Medical related activities can include *Recommend activation of pre-authorised medical related Crisis Response Measures (CRM). Contribution to the preparation and/or deployment of an Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Team (OLRT) (COPD Chapter 3.10 (f)). *Identify and analyse medical key issues and factors such as influence of natural environment, medical CBRN, social aspects emanating from medical situation (health, welfare, displaced persons, refugees) , and medical infrastructure, etc. (COPD Chapter 3.11-3.12). *Appreciate any medical support by potential host nations (HNs) in the crisis area (COPD Chapter 3.15 (b)). *Determine the strategic (medical) issues requiring an international (medical) response (COPD Chapter 3.11). *Contribute to the identification of threats and risks. Contribute to the estimation of casualty rates (COPD Chapter 3.14). *Contribute to the appreciation of the international interests and engagement in the crisis. Identify the main IO, GO, NGO in the crisis area including those engaged in humanitarian aid, refugees and displaced persons, and medical care. Determine potential cooperation and/or contributions (COPD Chapter 3.13). ‘Post-conditions ‘ SACEUR’s Strategic Assessment is complete.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes