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Prepare Concept Development

Preparing Concept Development requires the identification of a problem or opportunity, potential solution ideas and evaluation criteria. Each individual concept will be different and therefore set its own requirements for the development activities. The actual form of the concept development project is obtained by putting together method components to ensure that the results achieved at the end of the development cycle can be measured against the chosen evaluation criteria. The method components chosen must be adapted to the development situation at hand and take into consideration the problem at issue, available resources and available methodology competence. The issues that arise in the preparatory activities of concept development are generally best approached by conducting a wide-ranging review of relevant literature. This review of literature should aim to contribute towards describing, summarising and documenting the historical development of the causes of the problem or opportunity, and the relevant operational and technological factors. The review should thus include documents that are relevant for the problem area at issue, such as research and study reports, defence publications, first-hand accounts, and results of earlier concept development work, including both national and international relevant and authoritative documents. By conducting a sufficiently thorough review of the relevant literature the risk of duplicating work that has already been carried out will be avoided, and gains will be made in the form of new insight and new knowledge. In order not to make the review too extensive it will of course be necessary to focus only on what is relevant for the field under study, and to work in a structured fashion as regards both the search for background material and documentation of the relevant aspects of the information that is acquired. A review of literature of sufficiently high quality will take time, and this fact should be borne in mind during planning of the Capability Development project.

Concept Development