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Medical Contribution to MRO Development Process

The purpose of Phase 3 - Military Response Options Development is to finalize the desired NATO end state and further develop the strategic, political and military response strategy for the Alliance to deal with the crisis at hand. At this phase, operational level planners send their ‘Operational Advice ‘ to the drafted MROs. ‘Preconditions ‘ A tasking for SACEUR to develop MROs after the NAC formally decides to move into Phase 3. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Medical contribution in this Phase can include * Contribute to the estimation of casualty rates for each MRO * Provide medical input to threat and risks for each MRO which can be based on casualty rate estimates (COPD Chapter 3.22 (e)) * Provide Medical Support Requirements (Medical Support Concept) for each MRO (COPD Chapter 3.22 (e)) o Principles, responsibilities, appreciations for Host Nations Medical Support, medical capability requirements, initial appreciations for multinational solutions/contracts ‘Post-conditions ‘ SACEUR delivers the MROs to the Military Committee (MC).

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes