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JIPOE Application

The Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (JIPOE) Application enables users to administer and manage the JIPOE process including but not restricted to workflow, collaboration, product life cycle, product re-use, archiving, building of knowledge base and reporting in an environment integrated with the Operational Planning Process, the Intelligence Cycle, the CCIRM process, Targeting, JISR and any required elements of the KD structure. Support ‘templating ‘ of different Mission Types referred to in the Operational Context of the C3 Taxonomy. This is essentially a coordinating and containing application comprised of the sub applications reflecting the AJP 2.0 doctrinal steps of the JIPOE Process Area Evaluation, Actor Evaluation and Threat Integration. JIPOE meshes closely with the Intelligence Cycle. During the JIPOE process, new intelligence requirements are identified and entered into the Intelligence Cycle. This information will then be processed, thereby producing intelligence. This new intelligence is used in the various steps of the JIPOE process in the planning phase and in combat.

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