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MILENG Support to Operational CONOPS Development Process

An Operational-level mission analysis and Courses of Action (COA) development takes place. Thereafter Operational CONOPS are developed together with a CJSOR. ; Phase 3 JFENGR staff will maintain close coordination with operations planning staffs and logistic planners as well as NATO and national intelligence collection agencies, in order to design MILENG support options for all possible COA. They will advise on the most effective and efficient MILENG support for the preferred COA and draft possible MILENG task organizations. Engineers will deploy as part of any operational reconnaissance and liaison deployments or technical survey missions in order to establish in-theatre contacts and gather additional information about terrain, infrastructure and in-theatre military or commercial engineer capabilities. ; Phase 4a During this phase the weight of effort switches from the strategic level to the operational level. The development of the strategic CONOPS relies heavily on the work of the operational level, especially the development of operational requirements to support COM JHQ’s concept for the operation, including the deployment, employment, and sustainment of forces. In addition to regular collaborative activity between the RDG and the JOPG this input is normally provided through submission of a draft operational CONOPS.

Plan Military Engineering Support