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Strategic Deployment, Redeployment and RSOM Planning Application

The Strategic Deployment, Redeployment and Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) Planning Application enables users to develop joint headquarters and multi-national detailed deployment plans (JFC DDP and MNDDPs) and testing their feasibility by enabling the rapid preparation, de-confliction, and dissemination of plans between nations and NATO commands. The RSOM function enables the performance of detailed planning for Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) and provides visualization and oversight of theatre movements during both, deployment, redeployment execution and sustainment operations. It is specifically designed to support the planning and management of the operational theatre Line of Communication (LOC), focusing on air, sea, rail and road movement’s coordination, tracking, reprioritization and re-routing. RSOM offers analysis capability by allowing the consideration of alternative routes and the assessment of the implications and results of such alternatives. It offers a realistic convoy and train planning capability, as well as road and rail transportation assets requirements estimating functions.

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