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Medical Contribution to the Operational Appreciation of the Strategic Environment Process

The purpose of Phase 2 - Operational Appreciation Of The Strategic Environment is twofold first, to understand the strategic situation, the nature of the problem, NATO’s desired end state, and NATO strategic objectives, including if articulated military strategic objectives (MSOs), through SSA and second, to provide operational advice to SACEUR on the draft strategic MROs. ‘Preconditions ‘ Receipt of the Strategic Warning Order. Receipt of SACEUR’s Strategic Assessment. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Medical contribution to the appreciation of SSA can include (COPD Chapter 4.12.d.5, 4.13.b, 4.14.a) *Identify and analyse medical key issues and factors such as influence of natural environment, medical CBRN, social aspects emanating from medical situation (health, welfare, displaced persons, refugees, etc.), medical infrastructure, etc. *Review International Commitments by identifying the main IO, GO, NGO in the crisis area including those engaged in humanitarian aid, refugees and displaced persons, and medical care Determine potential roles for NATO to enable international efforts, gain synergies and limit interferences, including security and theatre logistic (including medical) support. *Contribute to the appreciation of potential strategic risks and threats Medical contribution to the operational advice to (Draft) MROs can include (COPD Chapter 4.19, 4.20) *Populate the annexes of the operational advice template as provided in Annex D Appendix 1. *Appreciate the conditions described in the NATO end state, to evaluate the effectiveness of each MRO to contribute to establishing these conditions and achieving the end state. (means-ends analysis) *Appreciate Force Capability Requirements. *Appreciate the Main Support Requirements. The JOPG with input from designated subordinate and component commands must appreciate the main implications of the logistics, engineering and medical support requirements for each option to verify feasibility in terms of *Consider pre-deployment of enabling forces *Operational Evaluation of MROs JOPG should review the main strategic factors related to time, space, forces/actors and information within the theatre to identify risky situations and their possible consequences on the accomplishment of an operational military mission and force. *Develop Conclusions ‘Post-conditions ‘ *The JHQ (Commander and staff (including JOPG)) has an appreciation of the strategic aspects of the crisis that will determine the context for all operational level activities. *An Operational Warning Order has been released to components and supporting commands. *Operational advice on the draft MROs to assist their refinement has been submitted to SACEUR.

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