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CIS Operations Planning

Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Operations Planning is cyclical and iterative in nature. It is conducted continually, in close synchronization with the J2, J3, and J5 (Plans), to ensure CIS plans are consistent with the overall planning effort. Planning CIS Operations includes many aspects such as CIS Force Laydown, Information Exchange Requirements, ICT Services and C3 Capabilities, Frequency Planning, Service Availability and Security. The development of the CIS planning products is the result of a continuous planning sequence that begins with the monitoring of a situation and concludes with the delivery and maintenance of CIS Plans (CIS Operations and Support Plans, Annexes to OPLANS). * Conduct Mission Analysis (incl. define high level CIS Requirements) * Conduct CIS Assessment * Develop CIS Planning Guidance * Develop CIS Concept (incl. campaign and life-cycle aspects ** Develop mission specific CIS Architecture * Review Limitations * Develop CIS (Support) Plan (incl. Sustainment and Resource requirement) ** Review mission specific CIS Architecture * Review CIS Plan CIS planning is conducted taking into account the following critical planning factors

Communication and Information Systems Support